Cory ODaniel

CEO, Massdriver

CEO / Co-founder @ Massdriver. DevTools and platform engineering enthusiast. I’ve been building teams/startups, developing and managing cloud operations for over 20 years. Creator of the Bonny, an Elixir-based Kubernetes operator framework. A proponent of Friday deploys.

I’m a taco snob, cloud archaeologist, and Kubernetes whisperer.

Designing maintainable infrastructure-as-code

Audience: Introductory and overview

This talk will focus on designing infrastructure-as-code modules that are maintainable and extensible.

We’ll cover important topics like:

  • all module registries are a dumpster fire
  • handling different lifecycles between related resources
  • managing env parity when scale differs
  • use-case-specific modules
  • designing inputs, outputs, and locals to minimize developer overhead and maximize encapsulating expertise

The talk will use OpenTofu/Terraform to illustrate but applies to other IaC tools like Pulumi and Crossplane.

OBJECTIVES: Introduce developers to writing infrastructure as code that is easy to maintain and extends as their systems evolve.

AUDIENCE: Developers that use cloud services and may or may not have experience with Terraform/Pulumi/OpenTofu