Breakdown - Designing Better LiveView Components

Bruce Tate


Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel

in-person full-day tutorial


Break down your LiveViews! If you want to design good live views, you need to know the tools. That means building layered software with components. You can make the most of Phoenix LiveView by understanding the tools at your disposal: live components and function components. And this 100% hands-on tutorial with Elixir’s most published author, Bruce Tate, will get you there.


  • Explore LiveView components including directives, and slots.
  • Learn the secret to building LV systems that are easy to maintain
  • Understand how to layer code to best take advantage of components.
  • Know when to employ stateful components, and when to leave logic and state in the parent view.
  • Decorate LiveViews with the proper type and slot macros.
  • Learn to manage collections of elements using the FOR directive
  • Control visibility of the component using the IF directive

PREREQUISITES: Must know Elixir. Some LiveView experience is preferred but not required.

Experience level: