SwErl - a library for phones, watches, and headsets

Lee Barney

Sylvia Deal


It is estimated that there are over 1 billion current users of the iPhone. That doesn’t even count the number of watch, Mac, and headset users. SwErl is an easy-to-use open source library that enables these 1 billion plus devices to be nodes in Erlang systems….and it mimics Erlang programming patterns and syntax in Swift.


  • To show the current state of SwErl.
  • Show working code examples.
  • Show examples of message passing between an Erlang node and a SwErl node.
  • To begin building a community to complete and maintain SwErl (the project is too important for one person do make all important decisions).
  • To show examples of how Erlang-type syntax makes writing Swift apps simpler.
  • To demonstrate a bridge for programmers to move to Erlang/Elixer when they have Swift knowledge.

AUDIENCE: Software Engineers and programmers wanting their product to reach broader audiences without having to use older web-style technologies.