It’s time to start paying attention to WebAssembly (again)

Chris Nelson


WebAssembly is an up and coming technology with wide support and bright promise. But until recently, integrating with WebAssembly for something as simple as calling a function with a string was almost prohibitively difficult. That is in the process of changing: there are now multiple options to integrate Elixir and WebAssembly at a higher level in a more productive way.

In this session, we’ll start with a brief (re-)introduction to WebAssembly and discuss the possibilities it unlocks for us as Elixir developers. We’ll see what the challenges are to integration and how they are addressed by open source projects like Extism and advances to WebAssembly itself such as the WebAssembly Component Model. We’ll explore this via concrete, thoroughly explained code examples. You will walk away from this talk with the knowledge of why and how you can integrate WebAssembly in your next Elixir application.

OBJECTIVES: To give audience members the knowledge of why and how they can integrate WebAssembly in your next Elixir application.

AUDIENCE: Elixir developers generally, but especially those that need to do integration with other technologies