Erlang and SQL - Why is this so hard?

Marc Sugiyama


Relational databases are powerful tools for managing data. Erlang is great at moving data around. Why is it so hard to mesh the two of them together? Many projects use relational databases in only the simplest way, through simple templating libraries, or custom code, forgoing the power of the relational database. Is there a better way? We’ll survey some of the technology pieces such as ODBC, dispel some misconceptions, and explore the awkward impedance mismatch between Erlang and relational databases.

OBJECTIVES: The talk is intended to start a discussion about how we can be better at connecting Erlang with SQL databases. We’ll cover some terminology, a little relational database technology, the role of connectivity libraries such as ODBC, JDBC, and epgsql, and the limitations of some existing libraries.

AUDIENCE: Engineers interfacing Erlang with SQL.