An Elixir of Empathy. Using Livebook and AI to Empower & Engage

Vanessa Lee


Livebook is an exciting interactive and collaborative code notebook. It offers a rich toolset for engineers to build cross-team empathy by empowering and engaging others as users and consumers of our code and data.

Fostering empathy across teams and departments is paramount. This talk will showcase how Livebook can be a tool to empower and engage technical and non-technical collaborators. It can help us provide enhanced troubleshooting and understanding of our software.

Livebook lets us easily visualize data, document applications interactively, give users inactive UI elements, and integrate widely from HuggingFace to Nerves to Snowflake. We will explore real-world examples of how Livebook has strengthened cross-team communication and empowered non-technical team members in times of limited engineering resources.

OBJECTIVES: Attendees will leave with an understanding of the importance of empathy in cross-functional teams. They’ll have insight into the capabilities and potential of Livebook to build empathy through empowerment and engagement. Moreover, they’ll be equipped with actionable takeaways on harnessing Livebook’s potential in their daily workflows to bridge the gap between departments and teams.

AUDIENCE: Engineers of all levels, newcomers to advanced.

Managers and other business leaders looking to foster better collaboration across teams.

Introductory and overview