Tonći Galić

Fullsnack Software Developer, Amsterdam |> Elixir

Tonći is a polyglot web developer with a broad range of interests and also a broad range of experiences. He started out with Perl/CGI around 1999, but worked with various languages/tools throughout the years. In the last few years, he has focused on Elixir as he is in love with the language. Since his new love, he enjoys discovering functional aspects of programming languages. He is the organiser of the Amsterdam Elixir meetup, Elixir Bootcamp and is a co-organiser of Code BEAM lite Amsterdam.

Automating the automator

Audience: intermediate

As software engineers we often automate other people’s tasks, but how far can we go to automate our own tasks, like refactoring? With Elixir 1.13 and the Sourceror library, it might be easier than you think.

Talk objectives:

  • Inspire others to think about developers tools and make their jobs easier.

Target audience:

  • Everyone using Elixir, looking for ways to work smarter