Kathy Rodante

Lead Software Engineer at Factory Quality

Kathy has over 6 years of programming with Elixir at Bleacher Report and The RealReal. She is currently supporting the team at Factored Quality with their full Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView stack. She studied music and foreign language at university and is a self-taught software engineer. Outside of work she plays and develops video games and focuses on her family (husband, two toddlers, dog, and two cats!)


Managing Event Sourcing Race Conditions with LiveView

Audience: Introductory and overview

Reservation management can be tricky with hundreds or even thousands of people requesting the same time slot concurrently. This talk aims to showcase the power of event sourcing through OTP using a reservation app written with LiveView. We’ll go through the implementation and then do a live demo with the audience while monitoring performance.

OBJECTIVES: Showcase the power of event sourcing and handling hundreds of concurrent requests.

AUDIENCE: Technology and IT Specialists: Those involved in developing and implementing real-time platform integrations and utilizing technologies like GenServers for data processing.