Justin Scherer

Northwestern Mutual Lead Software Engineer

Justin Scherer has been professionally developing applications for over 10 years. On top of this, he has worked in a variety of fields ranging from embedded systems to high-performance cluster applications. Justin has led development teams that utilize JavaScript on the web and on the server. He currently works for a Northwestern Mutual building the next generation of illustration software.

Bringing Functional to an Organization

Audience: Introductory and overview

Almost every software engineer has heard of functional languages. There are many common tropes associated with them that get tossed around constantly. They are hard to learn, they are not compatible with the current cloud, it would be hard to upskill our employees. But, what does it truly take to bring a functional language to an organization?

In this session, we will go through the pain points of functional languages and the BEAM ecosystem. We will then try to dispel common myths associated with them, and showcase how many of the functional features are being utilized in organizations today.

At the end of this session, listeners should be prepared to take this information back to their organizations to showcase how the ecosystem can better their organizations and potentially even create MVPs so their organizations can properly evaluate without all of the headaches common with bringing the ecosystem to their organization.

Talk objectives:

  • Dispel functional programming myths
  • How to launch a MVP within an organization
  • Get more organizations, even in small ways, to adopt languages such as Elixir or Erlang

Target audience:

Programmers that are either currently using Elixir/Erlang or those that are interested to bring them to their organizations. Also, those that may be stuck in the OO ways and to dispel issues that they may see with functional languages.