Jonatan Männchen

Lead Technology @ Sustema, Member @ ErlEF security WG

Jonatan is technology lead at Sustema, a tech company dedicated to provide analytics data to underwriters and risk managers to help commercial insurers improve underwriting performance.

Jonatan has extensive experience in the tech industry, having authored several libraries including quantum, crontab and more. He is passionate about technology and its potential to make our lives easier.

He has a deep understanding of the security challenges faced by organizations today, and works hard to ensure that the solutions his team develops are as secure as possible. He also has a strong interest in open source development and is always on the lookout for ways to contribute.

Unlock the Power of OpenID Connect on the BEAM

Audience: Introductory and overview

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, ensuring robust security and seamless user experiences is paramount. OpenID Connect, a proven authentication framework, stands at the forefront of this challenge. This conference talk delves deep into the realm of OpenID Connect, shedding light on its myriad benefits and showcasing practical techniques to effortlessly integrate it into your Erlang and Elixir web applications and APIs.

Discover the foundational concepts that make OpenID Connect a compelling choice for identity authentication. Explore how it simplifies the process of verifying user identities while enhancing security. We’ll explore the benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO), identity federation, and secure user data exchange, all facilitated by OpenID Connect.


  • Understands what OpenID is on the surface
  • Compares SSO vs. internal authentication
  • Knows about oidcc & its Cowboy & Phoenix Integrations


  • Software Engineers
  • Project Managers