Jessye Coleman-Shapiro

Software Engineer at Factored Quality

Jessye is a software engineer at Factored Quality in New York.

She has previously worked as an engineer at Top Hat, Red Hat and Square. Jessye holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. In her spare time, Jessye enjoys going on hiking trips, making pottery and playing ultimate frisbee.

Mastering LiveView Testing. Best Practices, DRY Code, and State Management

Audience: Introductory and overview

At Factored Quality, we are building software that serves hundreds of American brands and thousands of agents across Europe and Asia, necessitating 24/7 global availability. We prioritize comprehensive test coverage to minimize production errors.

Join me in this session where we will delve into LiveView’s testing complexities, best practices, DRY coding, and state management. Discover how to effectively test intricate connections, optimize LiveView usage, write clean code, and master state management between components, enhancing your skills in real-time web app development.