Artur Sulej

Senior Software Engineer at

I’m a senior software engineer at Fresha.

I enjoy DIY and creating stuff. Programming for me is one those things but without creating mess at home. I enjoy motorcycling and coffee brewing. I’m a happy husband and dad.

I started as Android developer, moved to Ruby and fell in love with Elixir and functional programming.

Ruby as a Node

Audience: Advanced

BEAM comes with its own tools like EPMD and :rpc that enable seamless communication between nodes.

When it comes to making different technologies talk to each other, there are lots of options like gRPC. In this presentation, we’ll explore how to connect Elixir and Ruby apps using these BEAM-specific mechanisms.


I’ll show you how to make Ruby and Elixir applications talk to each other, but using BEAM-specific protocol.


Anyone interested in: • communication between services • BEAM communication protocols • integrating Ruby and Elixir apps