Ana Maria Benites Rodriguez

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Ana Benites, the project leader of the online accountability study group at, has made the empowerment of women in technology one of her major points of interest. Born and raised in Peru, she studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the London School of Economics. Volunteering at Women in Tech Perú (WiT)) she soon realised that technology can be a key tool for social transformation. Having worked in the foreign trade sector, mining industry and tourism and hospitality management, she decided to a career transition into software engineering. Currently she holds a elixir developer position at a fintech startup in Berlin and volunteers at ReDI school of integration, and organisation that provides coding education to refugees and underrepresented groups.

If you want to master "Elixir", teach it!

Audience: Beginner

This presentation is about explaining the core concepts of elixir (functional, immutability, pattern matching, pipelines, concurrency) in a simple way through examples and sharing the resources that helped her. Ana Maria is an advocate for diversity and inclusion for women and underrepresented groups in tech and she believes that knowledge sharing, mentoring and teaching is one of the best ways to growth as an engineer, develop leadership skills and promote more inclusion and diversity within the industry.