Katelynn Burns

Software Engineer at Launch Scout

A software engineer at Launch Scout with a background in Psychology and education. Katelynn has a Bachelors degree in psychology and is a bootcamp graduate from the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy. Experience with Javascript and Elixir. Katelynn has been engineering for over two year as a full stack developer.

Motion Commotion. Motion Tracking with Bumblebee and Liveview

Audience: Intermediate

As someone who models, dances, and draws in my spare time, the movement of bodies is fascinating and complicated. AI might still have trouble knowing how many fingers a person should have, but with Liveviews’ open socket design and Bumblebee’s neural network capability guided by an artistic engineer, we can make some motion magic.

OBJECTIVES: This talk aims to demystify machine learning and image/video manipulation in the hopes of making it understandable and approachable to anyone who is interested in starting.

AUDIENCE: Engineers who are interested in machine learning or motion tracking but are intimidated by the process or are not sure where to start.