Sophie Troy

Sophie Troy

Elixir Technical Lead

Elixir Down Under - how Elixir is driving Australian product innovation

Two Aussies from the Elixir-driven influencer marketing platform Vamp will talk about innovating and developing a global platform using Elixir. They will cover the growth, opportunities and challenges of the Australian Elixir community and how they use Elixir to innovate and integrate with partners - Facebook and Google. Alison (Product Director) and Sophie (Technical Lead) will detail the Vamp Elixir journey and demonstrate how it’s enabling their company to achieve rapid growth.


Elixir developers, product team members, everyone!

Sophie is Vamp’s Elixir Technical Lead. She is a full stack web developer with 8 years professional experience and holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Technology from the University of Sydney.