Evadne Wu

Evadne Wu

Software Enthusiast – Believer in Live Demos – Grand Design Proposer

Leveraging ETS Effectively

ETS is pervasive, yet invisible. With this talk, Evadne shall take the audience on a deep dive into ETS, look at its internals, and ways to leverage it effectively within Elixir apps.

This talk will cover: 

The audience should leave with knowledge on when/where to use ETS, and a few patterns that they can reuse.


To elicit appreciation of Erlang/OTP subsystems that are usually taken for granted. To promote further usage of core Erlang/OTP technologies in the Elixir community, so as to enable better products and services.


Evadne is a software engineer with background in HCI. She works on applications and services that help educators reach their fullest potential, and contributes to open-source projects in her spare time.

Github: evadne

Twitter: @evadne