Beautiful and Right - Hidden Features and Abstractions that Make Languages Work

Bruce Tate


Elixir embraces a fascinating mix of types, features, and libraries to build a surprising breadth of concurrent libraries and services with stunning reliability and concurrency. This talk allows a peek under the hood at how Nerves, LiveView, NX, LiveBook, and more push Elixir and yet provide a natural, coherent development experience.

Behaviours in OTP establish contracts for inversion of control. Phoenix and LiveView take advantage of the same behaviours and also use macros to provide a uniform, concise usage model and adds macros to hide ceremony while surfacing beautiful user experience that remains correct under pressure, from templates to infrastructure

Come find out how Elixir’s most loved frameworks and tools got that way, and the Elixir tools that make those frameworks both beautiful and right.


  • Understand how Elixir behaviours allow inversion-of-control plugins.
  • Know what Elixir protocols do, how to identify them, and how to extend them.
  • Know how macros smooth out the user experience of some of Elixir’s most popular frameworks.

AUDIENCE Intermediate developers who want to understand more about how to interact with their chosen tools, and advanced users seeking techniques for making a better user experience.