Jean Parpaillon

Distributed systems enthusiast, open source advocate

Jean Parpaillon is a senior elixir engineer at Zola Electric, a leading company in the domain of off-grid sustainable energy. He is also chairing OW2, a global open source organization.

He fell in love with erlang and its ecosystem 8 years ago, while looking for a safe and scalable language and after experiencing in HPC and cloud computing. Since then, he has contributed to many elixir based projects in domains like fintech, sport gambling or telecommunications.

Nerves - An industrialization journey

Audience: intermediate,advanced

By integrating buildroot, BEAM and erlang/elixir ecosystem into a comprehensive toolkit, Nerves has become a major framework in the IoT field. After defining what are industrial requirements for an IoT application, we will present the vantages and challenges of the Nerves platform through a real use-case in the sustainable energy management business.