Susumu Yamazaki

Co-creator of Pelemay, Associate Professor @ University of Kitakyushu

Susumu Yamazaki (ZACKY) is currently an Associate Professor and the Leader of the Nudge Social Implementation Research Center at the University of Kitakyushu.

One of his current research interests focuses on system and social implementation using Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves. He is a co-creator of Pelemay, and a co-organizer of ElixirConf JP.

Pelemay Updates

Audience: Proficient

Pelemay version up to 0.0.13 has been continuously released by mid-May 2020! It can compile in parallel with integer and/or float calculation or String.replace into native code with SIMD instructions. Speedup ratio from Enum is 2.25x to 4.48x! Pelemay works well on x86_64 and ARM architectures. It also works well on Nerves! This talk shows the achievements of Pelemay with demonstrations, and the near future milestone of it.