Nicholas Adams

Even in the future nothing works

Nicholas is a British IT engineer living in Japan, early adopter of tech, early discarder of tech, legacy user and Head of Global Support for TI Tokyo, running the team that provides 24/7/365 Enterprise Grade support for Riak.

Nicholas enjoys presenting and teaching and keeps in practice through regular small lectures and training sessions in and around Tokyo.

When the Cloud's Reign is Over

Audience: Introductory and overview

Cloud Computing is great. It gives you practically instant scalability with no need for a large infrastructure team and guaranteed up times, plus the ability to try scaled-down versions of your projects at negligible costs before investing in major infrastructure.

So it came as a surprise to me to discover that, after a certain tipping point, cloud computing is actually horrendously cost-ineffective! We’re not talking a few hundred dollars here, we’re talking up to double the IT budget you’d be paying to run the majority of your systems in-house. That doesn’t even include any in-direct cost-savings such as reduced legal fees from simpler regulatory compliance! It turns out that GDPR and similar laws also become surprisingly simple when your customer’s data is physically located on servers you control.

Join me for this talk to hear a few examples and a couple of options to move from someone else’s computer to one of yours!


To make people aware that the cloud is not the be all and end all of production systems.

To give people an idea of when they should start looking at migrating away from the cloud for cost benefits.


Anyone from dev-ops and sys-admin all the way up to CTO or CIO level