Tonći Galić

Tonći Galić

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Building a GameBoy emulator with Elixir and Scenic

Scenic is a nice new framework in the growing Elixir toolbox. In search for a fun project to learn it, Tonći decided to combine it with a childhood dream: to write his own GameBoy emulator. In this talk he’ll go over the basics of Scenic and see how it, together with Elixir, does/doesn’t help write your own emulator.


Inspire people to try out Scenic to build their next (embedded) project. Talk about things that Scenic is useful for and the type of projects for which it is less useful for.


This talk assumes the audience already has some Elixir knowledge. Prior knowledge about UI systems, emulators etc are not required.

Tonći is a polyglot web developer with a broad range of interests and also a broad range of experiences. He started out with Perl/CGI around 1999, throughout the years he has worked with Java, PHP and C#/.NET. In the last few years, he has focused on Ruby/Rails but now he is in love with Elixir/Phoenix and the functional aspects of programming languages. He is the organiser of the Amsterdam Elixir meetup, Elixir Bootcamp and was a co-organiser of Code BEAM lite Amsterdam.

Github: Tuxified

Twitter: @Tuxified