Chris McCord

Chris McCord

Creator of Phoenix

Tutorial: Phoenix – Getting Realtime with Channels

Come level-up on Phoenix’s most exciting features while gaining insights from its creator! Together, we’ll use Phoenix Channels and Presence to build a highly interactive, collaborative application that works seamlessly across a distributed infrastructure. This hands-on tutorial will take you step-by-step from a blank project to a usable application. Along the way, you’ll gain insights into Phoenix’s distributed Pub-Sub layer and see all the tricks to getting the most out this exciting feature-set.

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Chris McCord is a programmer with a passion for science and building things. He spends his time crafting the Phoenix Framework, working with the fine folks at DockYard, writing books like Metaprogramming Elixir, and teaching others the tools of the trade.

Github: chrismccord

Twitter: @chris_mccord