Miloš Mošić

Miloš Mošić

CTO @ Evercam

One project rebuilt 4 times: .NET, then Ruby, then Node … and now Elixir

This is a joint talk by Miloš Mošić and Marco Herbst

Evercam connects to thousands of IP cameras, pulling streams and/or jpegs. We first built the project using .NET and at a certain point we decided to rebuild on OSS. The main project was well suited to Ruby but the camera connections could not scale so we rebuilt that part to Node. Right now we’re just about to embark on re-architecting to make use of Elixir and would be happy to share our experiences and learning with the Elixir community.

Target audience:

- People considering Elixir or interested in hearing how it compared in a real project to other languages.



CTO of Evercam, a Developer Platform for cameras. Found Elixir while looking for a solution to Ruby concurrency issues, immediately fell in love with the language and the community.

Github: mosic