Martin Kavalar

Fast Continuous Deployment of an Elixir Gameserver and Phoenix Web App using Hot-Code-Upgrades

Bold Poker is a Phoenix-based web application with a Elixir game server. iOS and Android clients connect to the using WebSockets.

We give a short introduction to OTP releases and talk about what can be done in order to use releases without having to manually write app upgrade files.

We talk about how we use our open-source Erlang and Elixir deployment tool edeliver. Edeliver is a deployment tool that uses OTP releases to deploy both our Elixir Gameserver as well as our Phoenix web app.


Martin Kavalar is a builder of niche things. He discovered Erlang in 2008 looking to improve stability and performance of his java-written game server for Sauspiel, the worlds biggest and only community for the bavarian card game Schafkopf with over 500 million games played. The game server for his new project Bold Poker was originally written in Erlang and has since been rewritten in Elixir.

Twitter: @mkvlr

Github: mk