Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss

Senior Software Engineer at Puppet Labs

Chat Bot: A Practical Walkthrough of the powerful Features Elixir/Erlang/OTP

Have you ever wondered about why you might use multiple levels of supervisors, or when you might use a strategy other than one_for_one? What about practical examples of how you might do a live code update? Or how to send code down to a node that just joined a cluster? Rudimentary, but effective, failover between cluster nodes? I created an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot-OhaiBot-to explore each of these topics. I’ll do a walkthrough of the design, running, and update of the bot, focusing not necessarily on OhaiBot, but on why and how I came to certain solutions. No previous knowledge of IRC is necessary. Audience participation, particularly for the clustering aspects, is encouraged.

Target audience:

- Beginners


Jeff is a Senior Software Engineer at Puppet Labs developing applications and analytics, primarily in Ruby. He has a long history of writing software to support manufacturing, from bombs to books. Jeff’s previously failed attempts with Erlang seeded a fantastic experience learning Elixir.

Github: jeffweiss

Twitter: @jeffweiss