Hybrid conference - what to expect? + Frequently Asked Questions

Code BEAM America is a hybrid event, combining both an in-person and virtual conference to accommodate those, who would like to listen to the talks from the comfort of their homes or offices.

There are two categories of tickets - for the in-person conference and training and for virtual conference and training attendance.

What does a hybrid event mean? We’ll be hosting a live event for those who are just as excited as us to attend in person at the conference venue. The talks given at the venue will be streamed to the virtual platform, accessible for those who attend online.

What if I can’t attend in person? To cater to people’s varying needs, we are continuing to offer this conference as a virtual event, live, on the same day as the in-person conference with talks streamed from the venue.

What if I purchase my ticket and my circumstances change? Anyone who cannot attend in person can receive a full refund by contacting us up-to a month before the conference or exchange the in-person ticket to a virtual one and receive the reimbursement of the difference in the tickets’ prices.

Why is the Code BEAM America going hybrid? We know that not everybody, for a variety of reasons, will be able to travel and meet at big gatherings like Code BEAM. We decided on this format, to make the knowledge accessible to a wide audience, wherever they are based or whatever their budget is.

Why attend the in-person event? For some of us, the social experience surrounding the conference is a big part of what makes them so special. While tools like Whova and the Toucan lounge have helped us replicate a genuine social hallway track, the experience of exploring a new city and going out for dinner long into the evening is one that is better in-person.

Will the virtual content differ from the in-person content? The talks and their content will be the same for both the virtual and in-person conferences. We’re working with our technical partners to ensure the quality of live-streamed talks from the in-person venues look and feel similar to the talks at our virtual conferences so far. The slides and the speakers will both be clearly visible to ensure it’s easy for everyone to follow along at home.

Why does the price for the virtual event differ so much for the in-person conference? The price of the physical ticket includes the expense of hiring the venue and catering for lunches and breaks throughout the day.

As a virtual attendee, how will I be able to interact with speakers and other attendees? The Whova app will be in use for both versions of the conference, allowing you to message other users and interact on the community board during breaks and on the talk’s chat during talks. The Q&A tab will allow you and in-person delegates to ask questions to speakers during presentations. To ensure there is still a dynamic networking feel at the conference, virtual attendees will have possibility to create themed virtual meetings to talk to each other on camera.

What time zones will be used? Virtual and in-person talks will take place at the same time on two tracks (9:00-17:00) in the Pacific Time zone.

How can I give a talk at this year’s event? Call for talks will be open according to the information on the website. We will consider talks from speakers who can attend in person only.

If I register to the in-person event will I be able to alter my choice? Yes, all ticket holders will be able to change from an in-person to a virtual ticket up-to a month before the conference without any costs. Closer to the event it’s also possible, but it’s not fully refunded - see the refund policy on Eventbrite.

If I submit to the virtual event will I be able to alter my choice? If you purchased a virtual ticket and you would like to exchange it to an in-person one closer to the event, you will have to ask for a refund and purchase the in-person ticket separately.

Will the videos from the talks be public after the event? Yes, talks from this event will be published on our YouTube channel and website following the event, some videos will be kept exclusive to attendees who purchased a ticket for the first 3 months.

We look forward to sharing an event worth celebrating with you later this year as we bring the community together, in person for a long overdue reunion. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at info@codesync.global.