Exciting elixir frameworks from the june 2020 conference

One of the most exciting parts of any ElixirConf EU event is hearing from the creators or core teams of new Elixir frameworks. These frameworks open doors to the community and expand the capabilities of the ecosystem, making it easier for even more developers to do a wider array of tasks in Elixir. At our June edition, we heard first hand about the updates, capabilities and future plans for five exciting new frameworks. If you’re always looking for new projects or ways to expand your Elixir skill set, make sure you get tickets to our next edition of ElixirConf EU Virtual on October 7-8.

If you missed the June event, you can catch up on the latest frameworks below.

Crawly - Oleg Tarasenko

Big data is a growing area of interest and investment for businesses around the world. From machine learning to research, the ability to gather broad, reliable datasets is in high demand. Crawly, is a new Elixir framework that allows you to perform data scraping activities using Elixir. Hear from its creator, Oleg Tarasenko below. And, if that interests you, you can view a walkthrough of how to complete a task using crawly on the Erlang Solutions webinar.

Scenic - Boyd Multerer

Created by Boyd Multerer (the inventor of Xbox Live), the Scenic framework is a native graphic interface for Elixir. Scenic gives Elixir developers the ability to easily build applications that operate identically across all supported operating systems, including MacOS, Ubuntu, Nerves/Linux, and more. Scenic’s main focus is IoT devices but it can also be used to build portable applications. In his talk, Boyd looks to the future of Scenic and fills you in on changes you can look forward to in the upcoming updates. Learn more in the video below.

Lumen - Hans Elias Josephsen

Lumen is the latest Elixir framework to improve the ease of use for front-end use cases. It is a new compiler and runtime suitable for any BEAM language that is compatible with WebAssembly. In this talk, Hans introduces the Lumen project with a specific focus on the compiler.

Membrane Framework - Marcin Lewandowski

Media processing requires a large amount of data, a huge variety of formats, protocols and standards. This has always made it challenging to work with. In this talk, Marcin Lewandowski, creator of the Membrane Elixir Framework, demonstrates how it can be used to process multimedia without headaches, using an example from media streaming.

Pelemay - Susumu Yamazaki

Pelamay has been available since mid-May 2020. It can compile Enum.map in parallel with an integer and (or) a float calculation or String.replace into native code with SIMD instructions. The result is an increase in speed from Enum of between2.25x to 4.48x. In this talk, Susumu Yamazaki, Pelemay’s co-creator shows of what Pelemay can do with demonstrations as well as discussing something that we will see in the near future.

If these talks have inspired you to discover more of the newest developments in the Elixir community, make sure you buy your ticket to ElixirConf EU Virtual in October. See the programme and buy your tickets here.